This weekend I went on an awesome bike ride in Washington, DC through Rock Creek Park and back down to Georgetown via the Capital Crescent Trail. If you’d like to try it, here are some notes I sent to my friend about the ride:

  • I had no trouble parking on Water Street near Jack’s Boathouse even though there were a ton of other people out shopping in Georgetown.If coming across the Key Bridge turn on M Street going east then right on Wisconsin Ave.
  • From there I rode down the street to the Rock Creek trail which basically runs parallel to Rock Creek Parkway. It was narrow and crowded with pedestrians at first but after ~2 miles there wasn’t any problem.
  • Beach Drive through the park is closed on Sundays to cars, so it’s ideal for biking. I followed it all the way to Maryland.
  • Beach Dr turns into Jones Mill Rd. after crossing East West Hwy. I followed it to the intersection with Jones Bridge Rd. and turned left (South/West) onto Georgetown Branch Trail/ Capital Crescent Trail. Up to this point, the trail was paved and relatively flat with a slight uphill trend.
  • The first couple of miles on the Georgetown Branch trial were gravel but posed no threat to my very narrow road bike tires
  • After going through a giant tunnel, it empties out right in the middle of Bethesda row. You have to go across a tricky intersection but then the trail starts up again with pavement and is basically downhill the whole rest of the way.
  • You can then follow the Capital Crescent all the way back to Georgetown. It runs parallel to the C&O for the last several miles.
  • I think the total distance is a little less than 20 miles and it took me about 1.5 hours.
  • You could also do the loop in reverse, in which case it would be a long gradual uphill for the first half and then a slightly hilly flat/downhill the second half.

Yesterday on twitter there was a meme called #calmmovielines. Basically, people would take dramatic or exciting lines from movies and try to make them bland or non sequitor (in 140 characters or less, of course!). I found this to be extremely amusing. Listed below are the ones I came up with. Which is your favorite?

  1. Donny, kindly refrain from speaking until I finish my train of thought.  (The Big Lebowski)
  2. Show me the financial instruments you intend to provide.  (Jerry Maguire)
  3. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man has no depth perception.  (Minority Report)
  4. Yeah, I stole the paintings. What are you gonna do about it?  (Thomas Crown Affair)
  5. If Butch goes to Indochina, I want somebody in a bowl of rice ready to hand him some soy sauce.  (Pulp Fiction)
  6. ABC- Always be closing. Unless you feel like taking a nap.  (Glengarry Glenn Ross)
  7. The name’s Bond, James Bond. But you can call me “Jimmy”. (James Bond)
  8. On the one hand, corruption helps us get oil. On the other hand, it undermines our democratic ideals.  (Syriana)
  9. Juliet is cute, but her personality is blah compared to Rosalind.  (Romeo & Juliet)
  10. Medical school bores me. Let’s take this bike for a spin in the countryside.  (The Motorcycle Diaries)
  11. I would enjoy burgers from whichever restaurant is most convenient right now  (Harold & Kumar go to White Castle)
  12. You are one aesthetically challenged extraterrestrial!  (Predator)
  13. Luke….I am your second cousin’s step-father!  (Star Wars)
  14. yippee kay yay, you unpleasant individual!  (Die Hard)
  15. They may take our lives, but they will never eat our haggis!  (Braveheart)