About me: former tropical biologist (Philippines) and software tester (Washington DC), current Biostatistics PhD student in Boston, MA.

About this blog: I started writing to share stories from my travels in Southeast Asia and South America, as well as occasional comments on botany, literature, economics, and international environmental issues. Recently I have been writing more about statistics and programming (especially R and Python). You can access my code repositories on Github.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Dear Will,


    My name is Carmela Mendoza of http://www.theasiamag.com, an online platform for Asian bloggers and writers. We’re running a story on the site called, “Why Filipinos Should Junk Tagalog in Favour of English” (which you can also view here: http://antipinoy.com/why-we-should-junk-tagalog-in-favour-of-english/).

    May we have your permission to use your Aeta photo (http://www.flickr.com/photos/willtownes/2486661152/) for the story?

    All credit and link and will be given to you.

    Thanks a lot and I look forward to your response soonest.


  2. Congrats on winning the Clustermap blog of the week. That prompted me to visit your website. We are fellow travelers. At last count I had worked and traveled in 86 countries with careers in the Air Force, American Red Cross, Peace Corps, and the World Bank. I went most of the way around the world in 1999 via the containership Cho Yang Atlas. We also share a common interest in nature and tha adventure of discovering interesting people/friends around the globe. Benedictions on your journals and Warmest Agape, A. C. Gray

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