The following are topics of recent interest: Global Climate Change, the Organic Foods Market (eg Wild Oats, Whole Foods), Bill O’Reilly, the Ninjai animations on, Project Censored, Seeds of Change, USDA,, ethical investments, Wendell Berry, Eustace Conway, and the Amish Farmers.
Additionally, I am adding some links to friends’ blogs (Alex went to China, Francisco is heading from Mexico to Ecuador).
Under the category of adventures, transamerican bike rides, J. Michael Fay’s Megatransect, and the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship.
I’m looking for a possible site to post many of my Appalachian Trail photos on, maybe bebo, friendster, something else? I don’t know much about these sites. has free music streaming.
Started reading Life of Pi, by Yann Martel. It’s pretty good.
College life is incredibly stressful this year (3). I’m getting involved with the Student Environmental Action League (SEAL) and Environmental Planning and Management Committee (EPMC, website
Turtles and Otters are the coolest animals ever.