The history of the world is a history of corruption. Men of power do whatever they can to get more power. In secret they plot to dominate all. The giant forces directing the writhing masses of humanity fancy themselves to be gods, concerned only with the supervision of life. But there are other forces which well up from the foundations of existence, forces of love and forgiveness. Forces of persevering, unconditional kindness. People who willingly sacrifice power and wealth so as to express basic generosity. As Mother Teresa states, “Better to do small acts with great love than grand acts with little love”. Those who listen to the pulse of human life know that the currents of fortune flow only along certain channels. The desire for power and the desire to express love are present in all people. The seed of myth can spring forth from any person, and grow at any level of social interaction. To know what is true one needs nothing more than the ability to look inward, and see the entire life of our species in one’s body and mind. The soul must make its home somewhere, and it is through these bodies that we reach out to others, knowing that somewhere behind the veil of the senses lies a realm of light, where all is made known and all is good and true. Someday, we will shed not only our frail mortal forms, but also the darkness of our hearts and the corruption of our egoes. Someday we will be free, and when we are, we will remember the foretaste of Heaven which peered through the eyes of our fellow human beings because of a simple act of unconditional love.